"in time all will be set upon"

for now i don't want to think anyone but myself!


emo^~^ - feeling of all were against

Sadly i’m experiencing this feeling of being alone.
Being ignored.
Being hated and backfight by anyone.

Haaay, how will i manage this feeling. This feelings that i don’t want to feel.^~^


as time goes by……….

times like this is super natural to my cycle…

haaaaaaaaaay! i’m still feeling alone, whenever i’m with them..

am i still in the right track????

feeling of no one approach me, no one knows me…

am i nothing????

MAYBE i’m not happy to be here anymore, competetion is crucial!


still :(

How will i handle this thing?….nahihirapan ako, every morning when i woke up yon agad naiisip ko…kaya un naluluha lang ako sa sobrang lungkot…pero kasi i chose this mas magiging ok ako kung sila makakasama…my mind and consience would be at peace…all i need to do is manage my emotions…ganun na nga lang siguro!


pwede ba?

i really do dreamed of a very wonderful life, abundantly with all things….pero the truth is ever since all i wanted is a happy LIFE and yet still SIMPLE




Permalink i really wanna change my lifestyle <3
Permalink my favorite milk drink..^-^
Permalink ahahahahah :D ang kulit ko sav ng bawal ang maalat..hihi…. 
last na to….